Job Opportunities

Hedstrom is expanding and looking to fill positions within the company. Positions range from working in our manufacturing facility to working with our creative team to design new products. Take a look at our current employment opportunities and consider applying.

Manufacturing Positions –

  • Manufacturing

    We have openings for Machine Operators, CNC operators, Finishing, Foaming and Assembly. The requirements to these jobs involve quality, safety, accuracy and attendance.

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Technical Positions – These positions are the skilled trades of the operation. There are openings for Quality, Material Compounding, Process Control, Team Leads, Maintenance, Mold Repair and Trainers. The requirements to these jobs involve the understanding of processes, the ability to identify the issues, develop the plan and approach to solutions that make the operation more efficient. Apply Here.

Manufacturing Support – Manufacturing has many occupations to support the process from beginning to end and enable growth. Hedstrom is building a team of capable people to support that growth. Positions in Engineering, Product Development, Sales, Customer Service, Purchasing, Materials Management, Scheduling, Cost Control, Human Resources and Accounting are important roles. Apply Here.

Process Technician –

  • Shift Coordinator

    The Shift Coordinator has the task of assigning employees to their workstations and work with employee’s strengths to enable them to be successful at their jobs to further ensure Hedstrom prospers. The ideal candidate will work well under pressure and must be a forward thinker.

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  • Roto Float

    A Roto Float is responsible for running the machines that create Hedstrom’s amazing products. The items you create will be in stores across the country! To be successful in this role you’ll need to be able to think critically while under pressure, team orientated, have problem solving skills.

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Maintenance Positions –

  • Fabricator

    Fabricators are an important part of the Maintenance team. Welding, woodworking, and Microsoft excel experience is preferred. The ideal candidate for Fabricator positions is team oriented and ability to work independently.

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  • Machinist

    Quality Machinists are needed to help further Hedstrom’s growth. Welding, Microsoft Excel, and Quintax experience is preferred. Must be able to work with a team and independently.

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  • Maintenance

    Maintenance positions are an important part of Hedstrom’s team. Knowledge of low and high voltage in a factory environment is considered a plus. The Maintenance team must troubleshoot a variety of problems and be comfortable handling tools such as Oxy-Acetylene torches, Drill Presses, and Grinders. Must be able to work as a team or independently.

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Senior Accountant – We are looking for an experienced senior accountant to participate in overseeing our general accounting operations by helping control and verify our financial transactions. Apply Here.