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What started with a handful of employees in a garage manufacturing toy balloons in 1913 has evolved into an ever-expanding toy offering located in Ashland, Ohio, and over 100 years of play. Throughout our history, Hedstrom’s mission has been to give kids and families alike the opportunity to connect, engage, imagine, and share the moments that give color and shape to our lives. Designed to promote wellness, fun, sustainability, and joy, our products are conduits of real magic, giving generations of children of all ages new ways to make the kind of memories we never forget. As we look to the future, inclusive play, environmental awareness, and unplugged fun top the list of our priorities.

100 Years of play

Inclusive Play

Fun that brings the future together.

All children have the right to develop into happy, healthy, productive adults, no matter their particular giftings or level of ability. We want all children to have the opportunity to get in the game, play on equal footing, and experience the positive impact play has on their development and overall well-being. When children with a diverse range of abilities play together in shared space, they gain a sense of equality and togetherness. With inclusive play, children have the opportunity to understand each other, transcend their differences, and experience the joy of what truly brings them together.

Environmental Awareness

Giga Guru

Hedstrom has been recognized as a Giga Guru through Walmart’s Project Gigatron. Through this initiative, the retail giant seeks to reduce emissions in the global value chain by 1 billion metric tons–a gigaton– by the end of 2023 and we’re proud to do our part in creating a better future.

Packaging Design

In our ongoing effort to leave the planet better than we found it, we continue to invest in new packaging options that create less waste. All of our display boxes are made of cardboard that can be processed at your nearest recycling facility after they’ve been opened and the fun has begun!

Unplugged Fun

Give the gift of true connection.

Get ready to embark on a wild adventure away from screens and dive into a world of Unplugged Fun! We craft products that are not only entertaining but also crucial for your child's development. Our toys promote active play and unlock endless possibilities. With our wide range of offerings, we make it a breeze to ignite Unplugged Fun for kids of all ages, giving them the tools they need to thrive and unleash their boundless imagination!

Our Locations

Main Office in Ashland, Ohio

Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc. Distribution Center in Mansfield, Ohio

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