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My bop bag has a hole what can I do?
  • Try the patch provided in the box. However, it cannot be used on seams.
If you do not have a patch, or the patch does not work, or the hole is on the seam
How do I inflate my bop bag?
  • First, fill the base with water or sand. Then inflate the top with air. Instructions


Is there a weight limit on Hedstrom 15" or 18" Hoppers?
  • Yes, the recommended max weight for the rider on a Hedstrom Hopper is 100 pounds.
How do I inflate my Hopper?
My Hopper will not hold air, what can I do?
  • Is your plug missing? Contact us.
  • Is the plug installed correctly into the inflation hole? The plug should be flush with the surface of the hopper and not protruding
  • If the hopper has sustained a puncture hole it can not be repaired and we do not recommend patching due to safety concerns.


Can I add air to my playball?
  • Yes, you can reinflate a playball using an inflation needle on an air compressor or air pump in the valve of the playball. Do not overinflate. “Playball Inflation Instructions”
Can I patch my playball?
  • No, it is not safe to patch a playball.

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Unfortunately, The Hedstrom Corporation in Bedford, PA closed their doors on Oct. 6, 2004 and filed for C11/liquidation. Our company, Ball, Bounce and Sport Inc. in Ashland, Ohio is a separate company that now uses Hedstrom as our brand name. We manufacture playballs and novelty toys. The division that manufactured Swing Sets, Trampolines, Tents, Rocket Riders, Whurly Bird Flyers, and Horses was completely liquidated and no longer exists. We here at Ball, Bounce and Sport have never produced any of these items and have no information about them, we unfortunately cannot assist you with these items.

Non-Toxic Information

All Hedstrom Children’s Products are manufactured using non-toxic materials and are tested regularly by CPSC certified third-party labs to ensure they meet all US and Canadian Federal, State and local toy requirements. All Hedstrom Children’s Products are Proposition 65 Compliant and contain no phthalates, PFAS, BPA, or other chemicals of concern.

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