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Hedstrom Fitness Hosts MTT Summit

Hedstrom Fitness hosted their annual Master Trainer Training Summit in Irvine, California. The purpose of the summit was for Master Trainers across the globe to get together, build continuity, and learn about both BOSU® and SURGE® new education. The summit was filled with more than 30 Master Trainers for both the SURGE® and BOSU® brands.

The MTT Summit spanned 4 days with intense focuses each day. The excitement was palpable and the Master Trainer team was fully equipped with branded gear, and extensive knowledge on the products and educational material that each Trainer will be able to reference.

The MTT Summit is critical to the success of Hedstrom Fitness as our trainers are our best spokespeople. Gathering their feedback and insight is of the upmost importance in developing new products and programming.