Hedstrom Fitness delivers unique and versatile fitness products, and sporting equipment ranging from casual to pro.


Hedstrom Fitness

Hedstrom Fitness specializes in bringing to market training equipment that truly translates to life. Hedstrom Fitness has global distribution of fitness equipment and a strong retail presence with products in Target, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Academy, among other fine retails across the US and Canada. Beyond developing and bringing to market fitness equipment, Hedstrom Fitness develops programming and educational materials created by longstanding industry experts.

Hedstrom Fitness is the exclusive manufacture and licensor of BOSU® fitness products. BOSU® Balance Trainers are in millions of homes, as well as countless fitness clubs and rehab centers around the globe. Revolutionizing the industry upon its introduction, Hedstrom Fitness continues the BOSU® tradition of cutting edge innovation in balance training and overall fitness.”

Hedstrom Fitness


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The Rotational Molding Experts

Headquarterd in Ashland, Ohio; Hedstrom® is a leading rotomolding plastic manufacturer with more than 35 years experience with the rotomolding process. Many investors, engineers, and product developers choose Hedstrom's rotational molding process because it is a cost-effective way to manufacture plastic products and parts, even in lower quantites.

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Hedstrom Environmental at SWANAPalooza

Hedstrom Environmental is attending SWANAPalooza and will be at booth 303. SWANAPalooza show focuses on domestic recycling, marine litter i...

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  • 1913

    Eagle Rubber start in a small garage with a handful of employees to manufacture toy balloons.

  • 1923

    Rubber equipment is added and a new line of rubber and sponge rubber play balls are introduced to the market.

  • 1939

    Eagle Rubber is purchased by Kenton R Cravens and John Sweeney. Harry Gill, Sr. started National Latex the morning after the sale.

  • 1941

    The US enters WWII; Eagle Rubber joins the war effort by manufacturing military equipment.

  • 1943

    A disastrous train wreck caused a fire that completely destroyed the main Eagle factory.

  • 1957

    Eagle forms a subsidiary company after the acquisition of a sporting goods manufacturer: The new company is called Kent Sporting Goods.

  • 1980

    Hedstrom acquires Eagle Rubber and begins molding the Pogo Ball, which will become the hottest selling product over the next few years.

  • 2004

    Scott Conery and Dave Wurster win a Stalking Horse bid, ensuring that Hedstrom [dba Ball, Bounce & Sport, Inc] would remain in Ashland, OH.

  • 2009

    Hedstrom upcycles the old Walmart PLaza in Ashland, OH into its new factory and world hedquarters.

  • 2017

    With a new team at the helm, Hedstrom continues to keep the ball rolling for a bright and prosperous future.